.Download a free trialversion of BOXIT-SA (stand-alone version) , which is fully functional up to 15 data cards per subdatabase. If you want to use BOXIT-SA beyond 15 data cards per subdatabase, please register your copy. Upon registration you will receive a code which unlocks the trialversion.

BOXIT-SA can be copied and will work on MAC (OSX and higher) and PC (Windows 2000 and higher) systems.

No installation required.


.Please download the newest version of BOXIT (BOXIT_2007) here (45.2MB):




The updated BOXIT-SA version has a new look and a lot of new features were implemented. In addition to the password protection you can now store documents with each record (PDF, .doc, .xls, etc..).

Upon downloading and extracting the zipped file please start the database by double-clicking

BOXIT_OSX (MAC) or the BOXIT_PC.exe (PC) file.

In the password dialog, please enter "admin" as username and "paris"as password.

Please print and distribute the one page ReadMe/Quickstart guide below (PDF) to every user. You should go through this routine once in order to become familiar with BOXIT right away.

Please download BOXIT Quickstart guide:


Any questions? Contact us via e-mail at: help@boxit-labstorage.de

We look forward to hearing your comments and taking requests for your customized needs.