BOXIT is an easy to use FileMaker Pro relational database that helps collect, store and organize information about all your antibodies, cells, oligos, strains, plasmids/hosts and other biological samples.

No more guesswork for you and your co-workers about how to use your molecular biology tools. Store the information you gathered about your biological samples and where you stored the tubes in BOXIT.

You should not rely only on a lab notebook, your memory or that somebody who “knows” the information about the usage of an antibody, or the storage location of an plasmid, will be around. BOXIT allows you and your co-workers to easily search and retrieve shared knowledge anytime in a compact, printable format.

Build up a knowledge database about your lab treasures and how they are used with BOXIT.

It has never been easier in your lab finding out which tools are available for a specific project. Get information about their usage and where they are stored. Follow up on a project with a click. Speed and accuracy matters.

BOXIT includes a subdatabase for lab-protocols, allowing you to establish and improve good working procedures in your lab.

BOXIT also includes a sub-database to order lab-supplies, allowing you to ease the order and reorder process, to control costs, and to build up a labinventory.

BOXIT is software from scientists for scientists. Investigators in Biotech companies and scientific research institutes worldwide rely on BOXIT.